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Martin Daubney
BSc(Hons), Cert. Psych Coaching

Unlock your potential with Martin, a highly successful psychological coach in Switzerland, offering coaching services in English. Grounded in positive psychology, Martin brings out the best in clients across diverse industries.

With years of hands-on experience, Martin is a recognized Executive Coach, having formalized his knowledge through qualifications from Middlesex University, London. His certificates include Psychological Coaching, Assertion & Communication Skills, and Stress Management & Performance Management.

Martin’s coaching expertise extends to leaders, guiding them to overcome blocking behaviours and achieve peak performance without burnout. His unique approach benefits individuals, groups, and teams, fostering personal and professional growth.

Martin employs a Cognitive Behavioral Coaching approach, guiding clients through a collaborative process known as guided discovery. Through this, clients identify areas to address, eliminating negative core beliefs and leading to transformative “light bulb moments.”

This method promotes insight, enhances rational decision-making, and establishes positive thought patterns for continuous improvement. Martin’s coaching is versatile, offering effective sessions in Personal or Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, and Corporate | Business Coaching.

Remarkably efficient, Martin’s coaching usually requires no more than 12 sessions, with many clients finding success in just 6 or 7 sessions. Some topics can be effectively addressed in just one or two sessions. Experience a coaching journey tailored to your needs, fostering self-discovery and lasting positive change with Martin.

Carol Daubney
MA, Cert. Coaching

Carol’s passion for working with people has been a consistent thread throughout her career, primarily focused on adult education and training in and around Basel for numerous years. Her professional journey has led her to collaborate with major international companies and educational institutions in the region, providing her with valuable insights into the challenges individuals face while navigating change, whether on a professional or personal level.

Having observed a genuine need for targeted support during her training sessions, and recognizing the potential for her own personal development, Carol made a strategic decision to specialize in coaching. To formalize her coaching expertise, she successfully completed the Middlesex University Accredited Certificate in Coaching at the prestigious Centre for Coaching in London.

Complementing her core coaching certification, Carol has further equipped herself with specialized qualifications in Redundancy Coaching and Counseling, Coaching for Performance, and Stress Management Coaching. These additional qualifications underscore her commitment to addressing the diverse needs of individuals facing various challenges in both professional and personal spheres.

With Carol’s wealth of experience, comprehensive training, and dedication to personal and professional development, she stands ready to empower individuals on their journey of change, providing targeted coaching support tailored to their unique circumstances. Carol’s coaching approach reflects a blend of expertise, empathy, and a genuine passion for helping individuals thrive amidst change.