Achieving great things starts with making a decision;
the more decisions you make, the better you become at making them.

You and your business deserve the best. That’s why we deliver unique and results-driven leadership development programmes that teach you how to become a confident, charismatic leader who can lead themselves and a team to success.

With Inspire Coaching you’ll be ready to settle for nothing less than greatness.

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Our Personal Resilience program is a focused and practical program, combining personalised coaching or mentoring with scientifically validated tools to help you self-regulate your body’s response to stress and build resilience. You will learn life-long skills you can use any time to increase well- being, personal and professional performance and quality of life experience.


Based on years of scientific research the Inner Balance is designed to teach you how to shift your emotional state in the moment – so you feel better and think more clearly. When we’re stressed, we feel poorly, and our brain function and creative thinking become impaired.

We might overlook or forget important details, overreact to small stuff, say things we regret, get overwhelmed, have trouble sleeping or feel exhausted and drained.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

With our coaching, you will learn how to restore emotional balance right in the moment you need it.

Woman holding "Clear Your Head to Get Ahead: The Antidote to Stress" Book and Kindle
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The Stress and Well-Being Assessment (SWBA) is such a valuable tool to properly start our coaching conversations. It provides real time insights into where the you are experiencing stress in your life and at what levels. It also provides insight into your emotional well-being, crucial to achieve high performance. I use this tool with almost every client, one before starting coaching and another at the completion of your program to show a before and after…. progress!

Just 72 questions taking just 20 minutes to kick start your coaching program.

People who are successful don’t just have good ideas and work hard- they know how to get the best from themselves and from other people.

What you will gain: More resilience and vitality, Overall sense of well-being, Mental clarity and focus, Improved relationships, Increased composure in challenging situations, More effective communications, Better cooperation among co-workers and team members.

Businesses that are successful invest in the development of their manager’s personal resources and interpersonal skills and in doing so, not only improve the performance and productivity of those individuals, but also the people that report into them.

In addition, in a competitive labour market, development of people is not only about maximising productivity and profitability, it is an important factor in retaining them and keeping them motivated.

Our personal effectiveness at work course covers all these areas and more.

Woman holding "Clear Your Head to Get Ahead: The Antidote to Stress" Book
The book written only after over 10 years of seeing clients from large organisations. Between covers you will find people, possibly like you and practical tips and strategies to put into practice right now.

Whether you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed or fatigued and confused there will be something here for you.