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Inspire Coaching: Your path to confident, charismatic leadership.

You and your business deserve the best. That’s why we deliver unique and results-driven leadership development programmes that coaches you how to become a confident, charismatic leader, high performing leaders,
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Transform your leadership with Emotional Intelligence coaching

Elevate your leadership through Emotional Intelligence coaching. Join the 90% of top executives with high EQ, a key factor driving up to 63% of overall performance.

Our approach leverages the Emotional Capital Report and the acclaimed Emotional Intelligence training program by RocheMartin.

Proven to reshape leadership and employee behaviours, these tools are your path to fostering exceptional business performance.


The CliftonStrengths for Managers Report caters to:

  • Managers of people or processes seeking insights on leveraging strengths for effective leadership.
  • HR leaders looking for an enhanced approach to develop and onboard new managers.
  • Aspiring managers keen on understanding how to lead teams using strengths and invest in their managerial development from the outset.
  • For a new team start up getting from forming to performing in just 14 weeks
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Elevate your resilience with skills for clarity, optimal function, and innovation.

Imagine a life where you have more energy, intuitive responses to challenges, and the ability to reset like a computer. Experience clear, rich communications. The Resilience Advantage program, backed by 25+ years of peer-reviewed research, equips you with a powerful skillset and engaging technology.

Thrive in a world of flux, challenge, and opportunity with a program trusted by the US Navy, hospital systems, police forces and Fortune 500 companies globally.

Written after a decade of working with clients from prominent organizations, this book delves into real people’s experiences, offering practical tips and strategies for immediate implementation. If you’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed, fatigued, or confused, you’ll discover relatable stories and actionable insights to address your concerns. Within these pages, find a wealth of wisdom garnered from diverse experiences—perhaps similar to yours—providing a roadmap to navigate challenges and enhance your well-being starting today.

Clear Your Head To Get Ahead Book

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