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Second Career

It's tough out there, and getting yourself a job interview is only half the battle. Being prepared is the other half and that is where the fun starts. There are some things that recruiters won't tell you ...


1 Your interview attire was wrong - and there a load of reasons why

2 There is something wasn't right with your physical appearance, including the use of perfumr...or too much of it

3 Your eye contact was weak, shifty or intense

4 Your handshake was too limp, or forceful or clammy

5 Your though processes weren't slick enough, filling in with too many ers and ums

6 It's the what you say and how you say it that matters

7 and No.6 includes the tone and speed

8 All those non verbal expressions that you probably don't even know you do

9 goes on and on


All is not lost, as you can train for the interview. Around about 93% of your communication is non verbal and through the power of video we can show you how you come across and coach you to improve.


Take the full package and have your CV and LinkedIn profile will be scrutinized and edited to make sure you land the interview, and gain greater self knowing through our coaching programs. We are currently working with TalentMark bringing candidates to interview readiness. See what we could do for you too.