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Some possible topics for coaching include


Strengths Coaching using the Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 as a basis to start the dialogue about what your natural abilities that can help you be more effective, enjoy life and be more engaged at a starter!


Developing Emotional Intelligence for Leaders starts off with a psychometric assessment and ends up with massive improvements in your ability to lead teams and get the best from your people without the need for carrots and sticks.


Clear Your Head to Get Ahead - This is aimed at anyone who has to cope in a high-pressure environment or who wants to lead themselves and others through change and uncertainty. You will understand the root cause of how you handle stress and learn new ways to deal with it.


Personal Effectiveness at Work - Delegates work on ‘real’ issues, some arising from pre-course feedback from colleagues, discussions with line manager or personal assessment. Consequently, the changes delegates achieve are related to their own objectives, often aimed at forming new, more helpful, habits of behaviour.







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