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What is coaching?

There are several different views on what coaching is and what it can and cannot do. In this short article we explore the differences between Caoching, Mentoring and Training. the differences may be subtle but they are important.


If you think a professional is expensive, wait 'til you try an amateur.

A recent review and analysis demonstrated an expanding interest in and use of executive coaching worldwide, primarily aimed at increasing individual performance. Read more here


Could Stress be a Good Thing?

Stress is commonly seen as a bad thing and avoiding stress seems an obvious thing to do.  However should this always be the case?  Some people seem to thrive under certain amounts of stress.  

Could we all learn to increase our performance when faced with pressure situations? Read it here


Engaged Workplaces Are Engines of Job Creation

The good news: Engaged workplaces can boost economies. The bad news: Only 13% of employees

worldwide are engaged in their jobs. Download the full article here


Creating The Job You Love

Doing what you do best is the first step to making a good job great. It takes a bit of effort on your part but can be done. Find out here


Happiness, Engagement & Success

By Martyn Newman, PhD Managing Director, RocheMartin

For many years now, research has demonstrated that there is a clear relationship between “success”

and “happiness”. No surprises there I hear you saying. Download this extract for the book here


Return on Investment for Engaging Employees

In 2005, Gallup reviewed employee engagement data from 332 organizations (4.5 million employees) in the

2005 Q database to test the relationship of a company's overall employee engagement to its financial

performance. Download the full article here


Team Effectiveness Assesment

Here is the link from the Team Effectiveness Newsletter.



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